VPI Scout review. VPI’s Scout is definitely an all-American turntable and impressive supply at a price that is jolly good

VPI Scout review. VPI’s Scout is definitely an all-American turntable and impressive supply at a price that is jolly good

By Tech staff 20 August 2009

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Our Verdict

This will be a complete large amount of fancy record player for the funds. The supply is especially well-finished while the deck is likewise well put-together. The noise features a cohesion and consistency that ensures vinyl addiction.

  • Generally speaking very sound that is good
  • Solid build
  • Against

  • Imaging not too great
  • Of VPI’s seven-strong number of turntables, the Scout could be the brand New Jersey-based maker’s least expensive offering: with a cost of under ВЈ1,600, it must be the lowest priced US made turntable available on the market.

    But, what it does not have in price, the Scout accocunts for for in proportions, being effortlessly the widest turntable into the team, even though it simply about fits on a typical width equipment support.

    Furnished having a solid plinth design with an independent freestanding motor block, the Scout’s only method of maintaining stand-bound resonance at bay are Sorbothane mountings above all the conical foot. The latter are tipped with a ball, as opposed to a surge, that’ll be a whole lot kinder to surfaces that are supporting.

    The plinth is composed of MDF atop a metal dish, even though the platter is a 34mm slab of acrylic that sits on an inverted bearing having a Teflon thrust pad and a case-hardened shaft.

    The engine sits in a steel box that accepts a lead that is kettle but cleverly hides this junction within the turntable. That which you do see is just a switch sticking out that turns it off and on. Drive is via a round section belt that is peripheral rate change is just a matter of flipping the gear on the reduced pulley for 45rpm.

    The JMW9 tonearm is an unipivot design that’s beautifully completed but a pain to set-up, due to the wobbly nature for the genre. This has a razor-sharp tip that will act as the bearing point and a fairly ineffectual arm clamp that does little to carry it set up.

    One uncommon aspect is that the supply cable, which plugs in to the terminal block at the backside, will act as the only method of anti-skating. No interconnects are given the turntable, so we utilized a number of the Chord Company’s Chameleon leads for the review. While reasonably affordable at ВЈ90, these leads are of notably higher quality than on the other hands in this test.

    Quality of sound

    The Scout is actually a turntable that is capable. It may be initially disconcerting wielding its wobbly arm that is unipivot however the outcomes lead to good listening. One listener also wondered if it may function as the Rock 7.

    In practice, it is not quite because revealing as that design, but the fluidity is delivered by it this is the quintessence of plastic. It generally does not have the imaging skills that are greatest, nonetheless it can deliver impressive tonal shading into the context of a lively and lively general noise.

    Some audience found it a touch too ahead, mentioning that ambience had been lost or overshadowed by the greater forthright instruments in a combination – the guitars on Joni Mitchell’s Overture-Cotton Avenue having attack that is too much for instance.

    Stereo imaging, although lacking accuracy, isn’t short on scale even though timing will not be seemingly a strongpoint, it really is easily for a par with all of the competition. In fact, one listener considered it become fast and together, nevertheless the consensus that is overall more considered. The treble is a little smoothed down, however the bass is well-defined and has now a diploma of composure that suggests very engaging listening that is long-term.

    The Scout does anything else much better than normal and its particular high quality finish and build combine with this specific which will make for the appealing package. The unipivot JMW9 is very easily probably the most impressively built tonearm in this team and, for individuals who like utilizing alternate cartridges, it includes the simplest methods to swap the items over in the event that you obtain an arm that is second.